• Donation, Step by Step

    There are three ways of donating and all three follows the same program:
    1-Egg donation
    2-Sperm donation
    3-Embryo donation

  • Meeting and consultation

    Together with our experienced Stork IVF coordinators you will meet and consult to find the best way to become a family. You can visit or office or we can arrange a telephone meeting. We want to hear your story and learn what you are looking for in a donor. To ensure you have a clear understanding about all the necessary procedures, we will provide you with information sheet. Together with these you will also find a donation contract and a general payment plan.

  • Contract

    If you choose to the path to parenthood with us, you must read, understand and sign the contact. In the contract you will find the rights and responsibilities for you and the donor.

  • Choosing donor and treatment

    You can choose your donor or you can specify your requirements and donor will be chosen accordingly for you. It is also possible to use anonymous donors.

    Donor Screening
    When you have chosen your donor and your candidate is approved, the contracts signed then the treatment analysis can start. The analysis will be according to the following;

    Anti Mullein Hormone (AMH)
    Blood type
    Blood count
    Estradiol (E2)
    Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
    Hepatitis B (HbsAg)
    Hepatitis C (Anti-HCV)
    Herpes Virus
    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (Anti-HIV)
    Luteinizing Hormone(LH)
    Pelvic Ultrasound for Antral Follicle Count
    Prolactin Syphilis(VDRL)
    Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
    Vaginal swab test for Chlamydia
    The parents to be may request additional analyzes to rule out any infection that may occur during and after egg collection.

    When it is confirmed that the donor is in a healthy state, the ovulation treatment can start. If the donor fails the scan, you can choose another donor from our database. No additional fee will be charged for this. Rarely, the donors may not respond to treatment, This will not prevent you from your dreams of becoming a parent. You will be able to choose again from our donor database, without additional fees. In the case where you want to introduce a donor outside our data base, you will be financially responsible for any failures during the treatment period.
    Our aim is to make this amazing journey to be as smooth and stress free as possible for you as parent candidates. We will all in our power to make your dreams come true, inform you, guide you and be next to you all the way.

  • Transfer of Embryo

    Embryos are created using the reproductive cells (sperm or eggs) of a healthy donor. Embryos can be transferred to the expectant mother. Embryos can also be frozen and be scheduled for a future date. All the steps of the treatment will be done at our clinic under the leadership of our licensed gynecologists, If your embryos are frozen, you will have to wait about 30-45 days from starting the treatment to the embryos transfer.
    You will be in close contact with our clinic staff during the entire process.

  • Confirmation of pregnancy

    About 10-12 days after embryo transfer, presence of pregnancy can be tested.

  • How to be a Donor

    Our clinic applies strict criteria when accepting a candidate as a donor.
    You must be between 21-30 years
    You must have passed the fertility testing
    You must have regular menstruation periods (For women)
    You can not have a reproductive disorder or determined abnormality
    Body mass index must be below 29
    Zero tolerance for smoking and substance use