IVF-ICSI is a set of procedures to help fertility and a complex set of procedures applied to assist the formation of a baby by increasing fertility and preventing potential genetic problems. The female reproductive cell ( egg-occyte) is taken out of the body, combined male sperm in a laboratory setting. Thus, the embryo that will from the baby is developed. Essentially, all the treatment forms in which eggs and sperm are brought together outside the body, is called IVF. Today, the two most commonly used formsare IVF and ICSI.
Due to the ease of application and high fertilization rate ICSI method is more preferred.
A complete IVF cycle lasts about two weeks, IVF treatment can be done at Stork IVF using your own eggs and your partners sperm. In case of need, the egg or sperm of a data subject registered in the anonymous or un-anonymous Stork IVF database can be used. In some cases, transfer to the womb of a surrogate registered in the Stork IVF database may be used in Georgia.