Surrogacy is a state policy and it is permanent, in our country.
Health tourism revenues are vital for Georgia and is always encouraged. Even if your are not, your reproductive cells are under government security.
While searching on the internet, you will see many ads for surrogacy services.
It is important that you reach the correct information about among these ads. It is important for both you and your future baby to investigate how important it is to have surrogacy service in the right clinic and legally permitted country.
Stork IVF clinic the procedures will be followed through our clinic coordinator and lawyer.
Surrogacy has been legal in Georgia since 1997, and is one of the few countries where this treatment is legally available. This has made Georgia the perfect center for fertility treatment.
Couples who want to become a family with surrogacy services, comes from all over the world, especially USA. Hundreds of happy families return to their countries every year.