Surrogacy is a unique option for couples who have difficulties conceiving a baby on their own. Since 1992 it has been legal to use surrogate. The requirements according to local law is that;
  • The mother or father of the baby has a non-reproductive cell or may not be capable of establishing a baby. In this case, sperm or egg can be obtained by a donor.
  • Surrogate mothers name is not to have parental rights of the baby.
  • This treatment is valid for married couples.
  • The embryos will be transferred to a the carrier mother (surrogate)
  • There is no genetic link between the surrogate and the baby to be born.
The couples who want to take part of this program, will come to Batumi at the beginning of the treatment and does not have to come back until its time for the baby to be born
Follow up of your surrogates is done in our clinic. The up to date information about the pregnancy, the baby and the surrogate will make you safe.
At Stork IVF Clinic, we serve all of these services under one roof.