Having children and creating a family is one of the greatest blessings God has bestowed. However, some couples cannot to conceive naturally. We, at Strok IVF, are here to help couples who want to have a child more than anything. We will be by your side through the entire process, guide you and give you the best possible fertility treatment that science has to offer.
In our clinic, while receiving treatment under the control of our expert team, you can safely stay in our clinics accomodation facility or choose one of the many hotel options Batumi has to offer. Our travel consultants will create a holiday program based on your preference and budget, and will do their best to complete the peaceful time you will spend in Batumi. We believe that woman respond better to fertility treatments in peaceful and safe enviroments. Therefore, while you are concentrating on planning your future and your family, our expert team will take care of every remaining detail.
This is a Stork promise.