Surrogacy is the unique option for couples who have difficulties of conceiving a baby of their own. It has been legal in Georgia since 1997, to carry a baby through a surrogate to complete their family. When the process is done according to the law, the name of the surrogate will not be on the birth certificate of the baby. According to the law, the surrogate has no parental right of the baby. The baby to be born has no genetic bond with the surrogate. Contrary to concern, there is no possibility of a genetic transition from the surrogate mother to the baby.
Couples who want to be a part of the Stork IVF program, will have two choices;
Option 1: Throughout the treatment period, you can choose to stay in Batumi. The expectant mother will have to arrive in Georgia at the beginning of the menstruation period and stay until the egg collection (12-14 days). If the father-to- be wishes, he can come to Batumi only the day of collecting.
Option 2: If you are not eligible for long term travel, we can start and conduct your treatment in cooperation with your gynecologist in the country where you live. If you choose this option, you should be in Georgia as soon as you can after your treatment ends. In this case, length of your stay is limited to 4-5 days.
It will be enough that the father to be stay in Georgia for only one day. This will be enough collect sperm and sign the necessary document,
After joining our Stork IVF Surrogacy program, your program coordinator will guide you through every step of the program.