• Surrogacy Step by Step


    Our experienced Stork IVF coordinators will listen to your story and guide you though the program options and help you determine the best way for you to build your family. This stage can be by face to face in our clinic, via Skype or Facetime. At this stage we will listen to what you are looking for in a carrier and we can discuss all the details about the whole process. We will send you a sample of the Surrogacy Agreement and General Payment Plan, and then we can discuss all the details about the entire process.

  • Preparing and signing of documents

    If you decide to start your parenting journey with us, you need to review and sign the contract documents. During the examination and signing phase, your legal representative, who we will assign on your behalf, will answer all your questions like legal legislation, process and contract details,

  • Selecting a surrogate

    At this stage you will begin to review the candidate profiles. When you make your decision on a candidate, substitution matches will also be assured. Matching will be done taking into account your criteria and your consent will be decisive. Our carriers are carefully examined and are requited though mental and physical tests. Candidates with the appropriate qualifications for your journey are guaranteed. In accordance with the rules of our clinic, it is obligatory that the carrier candidates have given birth before. This detail is important for the suitability of the psychological and physiological state of the surrogate in the process. The surrogate is subject to substance controls at uncertain times throughout during pregnancy. All carriers will be accepted only after passing psychiatric consultations.

  • Meeting the surrogate

    After choosing your surrogate, your coordinator will share your restricted profile with the surrogate. After the pre-acceptance of the surrogate, your coordinator will schedule a conversation via Skype or Facetime. In this meeting, the parties will meet and discuss al concerns. Once we find the right match, we will move to the net step of your journey.

  • Confirmation

    When both parties agree, the surrogate is taken to a final medical examination. This review process takes about a month..

  • Concent from the clinic

    After confirming the surrogate, our clinic shares the findings from the medical examinations with the parent.

  • Draft Agreement

    At this stage, all documents will be shared with the parties. After the contacts ae signed, the medical process will be started.

  • The Two stages of the Treatment

    At this point there are two stages; Creation of parent embryos, which means taking reproductive cells from a parent or a healthy donor. Simultaneously with the creation of embryos, the surrogate will be prepared for the embryo transfer. It is also an option to take the surrogate into treatment following the preparation of embryos.

  • Embryo Transfer

    The embryo transfer will be carried out at our clinic under the leadership of a licensed gynecologist. You can wait approximately 30.45 days from the beginning of the treatment to embryo transfer.

  • Confirmation of pregnancy

    Confirmation of pregnancy can be tested 10-12 days after embryo transfer. You will need to wait 4-5 weeks after embryo transfer for clinical information of pregnancy.

  • The pregnancy

    A pregnancy consist of 36-41 weeks of gestation. Our clinic will continue to provide you with medical updates, check up reports about the surrogate during the entire pregnancy.

  • The birth of the baby

    Our team will help you make all the necessary arrangements for the birth of your long awaited baby, at your request.

  • Obtaining the birth certificate

    You must obtain the birth certificate and other legal documents before taking your baby home. It takes between 7 working days and 8 weeks to obtain the birth certificate.

  • Passport Application

    After the birth certificate is obtained, you will need to apply for a passport at the Embassy of the country of your nationality. This process differs from country to country. When this stage is done, you can take your baby home..