Surrogacy has been legal in Georgia since 1997, and is one of the few countries where this treatment is legally available. This has made Georgia the perfect center for fertility treatment.
Couples who want to become a family with surrogacy services, comes to Georgia from all over the world, especially USA. Hundreds of happy families return to their countries every year.
Surrogacy procedure differs from country to country. The prospective parents are informed about the consular procedureThis issue is vital and not acting cautiously can cause undesirable consequences after the birth of the baby.
Since the brith certificate to be obtained in Georgia does not mention the practice of surrogacy or donation, it provides a guarantee of privacy for the parent. Only the legal parents name mentioned on the legal birth certificate, which gives a 100% guarantee for the baby's citizenship registration.
The baby's certificate will not contain any information about the surrogacy treatment.
According to the law the surrogate has no parental rights over the baby, after it is born. It is legal in Georgia and applicable for married couples.